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We have experience in handling used trucks as well as other vehicles such as golf carts and construction equipment. In addition to selling vehicles, we can also meet your needs for vehicle parts. Feel free to inquire regarding any needs beyond trucks.

Flat body trucks (cargo)

A flat body truck is a flatbed truck without a roof, and its sides are covered by "side gates." The cargo bed has no roof and is open at the top, while the side doors are usually open on three sides (the left and right sides and the rear) or on five sides. This makes it easy to load and unload loads that are tall or unusually shaped. With some planning, such trucks can transport items that are larger than the size of the cargo bed.

Aluminum wing trucks

Aluminum wing trucks refer to trucks equipped with an aluminum box on the chassis in which a loading space is enclosed by an aluminum body and whose sides spring up from the left and right like wings.

Aluminum van trucks

Aluminum van trucks are trucks with a box-shaped cargo area made of aluminum panels. The aluminum on the sides is either corrugated (aluminum corrugated) or flat (panels). It protects the cargo from rain, dust, and direct sunlight; simplifies packaging and wrapping; and is suitable for preventing theft and falling cargo while driving.

Freezer wings

A freezer wing is a truck body that can transport vegetables, fruits, fresh flowers, precision instruments, and so on at a level that does not require temperature control but can prevent deterioration during transport. In Japan, like box-type trucks, these are designated as refrigerator freezer trucks.

Refrigerator freezer trucks

A refrigerator freezer truck is a special type of truck with a refrigerator in the cargo area that can maintain a constant temperature lower than that of the outside air, thus facilitating the transport of frozen cargo.

Trucks with cranes

Trucks with cranes are equipped with a crane behind the cab of the truck. This crane performs the dual roles of moving heavy loads and loading by itself.

Dump trucks

Dump vehicles and dump trucks are trucks equipped with mechanical devices to tilt the bed and unload the load in a single operation. They are used mainly to transport dirt, sand, and industrial waste.

Concrete mixer truck

A concrete mixer is a piece of equipment that forms concrete by uniformly combining cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water. A typical concrete mixer uses a rotating drum to mix the components. For smaller jobs, portable concrete mixers are often used so that concrete can be produced at construction sites.


A semitrailer is a cargo vehicle that is connected to the coupler of a tractor and that travels mainly when loaded with cargo. It is the most common trailer in Japan and has versatile applications. Parallel parking and backing up can be performed. In Japan today, vehicles with a permanently coupled structure that are not meant to be disconnected, as can be seen in some route buses, are classified as single vehicles instead of towing vehicles.

Container semitrailers

Container-type semitrailers are equipped with twist lock devices on the four corners of the chassis frame to secure containers (cargo containers). They are used to transport ocean containers. When transporting ocean containers, there are short cars exclusively for 20-ft containers and long cars for 40-ft containers.

Tank semitrailers

These vehicles are mainly used to deliver fuel oil (gasoline, kerosene, and diesel fuel) from oil terminals to gas stations.

Elevating vehicles

The term "elevating vehicles" refers to special vehicles and construction machinery structured to facilitate work at heights. They are sometimes referred to as lift trucks.

Garbage trucks

Garbage trucks are commercial vehicles specialized in collecting and transporting garbage to disposal facilities.

Concrete pump trucks

Concrete pump trucks are construction equipment used for pumping concrete at construction sites. They are also called concrete work trucks. A concrete pump is mounted on the truck and is mainly used in tasks ranging from transporting fresh concrete produced at a plant and transported to the construction site by a mixer truck to formwork using oil pressure generated by a PTO pump.

Fire trucks・Ambulances

A fire truck is a vehicle outfitted to suppress fires and to prevent their spread in the event of a fire or disaster. An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport injured or sick people quickly and safely to hospitals and other medical facilities. Ambulances have existed since the days before automobiles, when horse-drawn carriages and rickshaws were used. Automobiles have become the norm for ambulances since their invention.


A sightseeing bus refers to "a form of operating a bus for which the main purpose is sightseeing" or "a bus the main purpose of which is sightseeing." This generic term indicates a chartered bus for which the main purpose is sightseeing.There are also regular sightseeing bus services by shared-ride buses. Scheduled buses are buses that operate on predetermined routes. A microbus refers to a small bus in Japan.

Tractor heads

The front part of the truck, called the tractor head, is responsible for towing the driver's seat and the trailer attached in the back. Since the vehicle is designed to tow a trailer, it cannot carry cargo on its own, but it can carry cargo of a variety of shapes and sizes compared to a standard truck. By changing the trailer type according to the circumstances, it is possible to change the trailer's shape to suit the item to be carried.