Company Outline

Company name SUN AUTO,inc.
Addres Shinmojikita,Moji-ku,Kitakyushu City,Fukuoka JAPAN
Tel +81 93 481 1891
FAX +81 93 481 5304
Business activities Export of used trucks and vehicle parts
Established February 2004
Number of Employees Numbe:8 persons
Main Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Hiroshima Bank, Ltd.
Affiliated companies TRUCK-ONE Co., Ltd. Marushin Unyu KK T.L.G.
Licenses and registrations Disassembly license (No. 20763000222)
Secondhand dealer permit (No. 909990039286)
Registered as a fluorocarbon recovery business (No. 20762000222)
Registered as a pick-up business (No. 20761000222)
Permit for motor vehicle turnaround operations Permit for bonded warehouses

Company History

February 2004
Acquired Sun Auto Enterprise Co., Ltd., an exporter of used cars and vehicle parts, and established SUN AUTO, Inc.
July 2020
TRUCK-ONE Co., Ltd. acquired all shares of SUN AUTO, Inc. and Yuya Ogawa was appointed Representative Director.